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1 Corinthians

Corinth was built on a narrow strip of land connecting the two main parts of Greece. It was an important place for trade and commerce, but it was full of idolatry and immorality. The city was burned by the Romans in 146 BC and later rebuilt with poorer materials. Only the very best stone buildings survived the fire.

The Apostle Paul visited Corinth during his journeys and he met with a good response to his preaching. A "church" (assembly) of Christians was begun there. Paul wrote two letters to this new church telling them how to build on the foundation which had been laid.

The 1st Epistle (letter) was probably written from Ephesus about 2 years after Paul had left Corinth. The new church in Corinth was having problems. Paul wrote to remind them of the basic foundation truths about Jesus Christ - the crucified Messiah who is now raised from the dead and will come again to the earth.

He gave advice on dealing with the problems they had :-

• moral questions ... (Ch. 5)
• settling disputes ... (Ch. 6)
• marriage problems ... (Ch. 7)
• food offered to idols ... (Chs. 8-10)
• breaking bread (communion) ... (Ch. 11)
• spiritual gifts ... (Chs. 12-14)

Chapter 13 shows the importance of love and unity above everything else.

In chapter 15 we have a summary of the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and clear teaching about the resurrection of faithful believers at Christ's return.


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