1 John

John, the writer of three letters which bear his name, was the Apostle John, who was called by Jesus to be a disciple. At that time (Mark 1:14-20) John was a young man. He seems to have recognised the fact that he had much for which to be thankful to Jesus. In his Gospel record John refers to himself several times as "the disciple whom Jesus loved". Now as an Apostle and a much older man, he continues the same theme of the love of Jesus and the greatness of the Son of God.

John writes to Christians to help them know that the facts about Jesus were certain. Like others, John had seen Jesus, touched him and listened to him, both before and after his resurrection. He knew that all they had believed about him was true. Not only so, but believers could know that they had "fellowship" with Christ and were united in him if they "walked in the light", that is, if they kept the beliefs and practices of Jesus (1:4).

Just as in the Gospel of John (1:1-9, 9:5) we read of Jesus as being the Light of the World, so here in John's letter. Those who lived like Jesus and followed him were "walking in the light" and were not blind (2:11).

John wrote his letters to warn his readers also. False teachings were already developing and many believers were influenced by those who denied the facts about Jesus as the Son of God. Such false prophets (teachers) are called antichrist in this letter (2:18-23). Any false teaching is antichrist.

It is vital that we "walk in the light", that is, be guided by God's word (1:6-7). We show our love for God when we believe His word and keep His commandments. We show our love for others by showing them the way of truth and eternal life (1:2, 5:20).


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