1 Timothy

The apostle Paul met the young man Timothy at Lystra. Timothy was the son of a Greek father and a Jewish mother. His mother Eunice and his grandmother Louis brought him up in the Jewish faith. He became a faithful helper in the work of preaching the Gospel.

Paul thought a great deal of Timothy and treated him as his own son. In this letter Paul calls Timothy "my true child in the faith" (1:2), "my son" (1:18) and "man of God" (6:11). The letter contains instruction and advice for the young man who had been entrusted with the work of guiding the believers at Ephesus, holding fast to the one true faith and countering the influences of false teachers.

The importance of sound doctrine - a word meaning both teaching and practice (1:10) - is stressed in chapter 1. Chapter 2 deals with the need for prayer and a proper approach to God. The women were not to offere public prayers or to have authority over the men in the church (2:8-15). Chapter 3 deals with the qualities needed in "bishops" or "deacons" (helpers) and chapters 4-6 give instructions on how Christians should live as members of the church.


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