2 John

The Apostle John wrote three letters towards the end of his life. He was an "elder" not just because of his age. An elder was a Christian believer who could be looked up to as one capable of guiding and helping believers.

This second letter is addressed to "the elect lady and her children". This may have been a Christian lady known to John or possibly it is a way of speaking of the Christian church in a particular place. The word "elect" means "chosen".

John was pleased to learn that the "children" were "walking in truth" (v.4). Knowing "the Truth" (the true message of God) is vital. If we do not "abide in the doctrine of Christ" (v.9), we shall not receive eternal life at his coming (v.8).

In John's day, false teaching was already being spread within the ecclesias by "many deceivers". They are called the "antichrist" (v.7). True believers are asked to keep the distinction between truth and error. The ecclesia of Christ must continue to show true love, God's love, by being concerned for the eternal life of others including their fellow believers (v.5).


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