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2 Kings

The 2nd Book of Kings continues the record of the divided kingdom.

The early chapters deal with the work of Elisha the prophet who, like Elijah, was active in the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

Continued disobedience of God's Word and persistent idolatry resulted in the downfall of the Northern Kingdom of Israel in 722BC when it was finally overthrown by Assyria.

The Southern Kingdom of Judah had a few better kings and some improvement in Judah's attitude towards God was seen in the days of King Joash (chapter 12), King Hezekiah (chapters 18-20) and King Josiah (chapter 22). The reforms were not kept up and King Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, finally overthrew Jerusalem in 586BC. God allowed His people to be carried into captivity.


The prophets who lived during the period of 2 Kings:

Prophets who lived during the period of 2 Kings

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