2 Peter

This letter was also written by Simon Peter. In it he tells of "false teachers" (2:1-3) who were threatening to turn the ecclesias (churches) away from the true Gospel. In the last days, some would even deny the second coming of Christ.

The apostle Peter, inspired by God's Holy Spirit (the power of God), proclaimed true teaching, like the prophets of God in Old Testament times (1:21). Peter reminds his readers of the "exceeding great and precious promises" of God (1:4) and "the words spoken before by the holy prophets" (3:2).

Peter was one of three apostles who saw Jesus "transfigured" while they were with him in a high mountain (Matthew 17:1-9). He was an eye-witness of the event. In the vision Jesus appeared as he will be seen in the future Kingdom on earth.

Peter gives reassurance that, though the faith was threatened by evil influences, God will judge the wicked and preserve the righteous - just as Noah was saved from the Flood (2:5), and Lot from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (2:6-8).

There were some who were starting to doubt that Christ would return (3:4) but Peter reassures them that the Lord will keep his promise (3:10-13). Jesus will come back to the earth.


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