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2 Samuel

The second book of Samuel covers the period of the 40 years reign of David as King. He reigned 7 years in Hebron and 33 years in Jerusalem. Jerusalem became the capital city of the kingdom of Israel.

There are two sections to 2 Samuel:

Part 1: - Chapters 1-10

With God's help surrounding nations were subdued and David is established as King in Israel.

Part 2: - Chapters 11-24

David commits a great sin against God. He repents of what he has done and God forgives him but great trouble is brought to David, his family and Israel because of his sin.

Overview of 2 Samuel

Chapter 1 - David hears of the deaths of Saul and Jonathan.

Chapter 2 - Ishbosheth (Saul's son) is made king.

Chapter 3 - Abner, commander of Saul's army, makes peace with David.

Chapter 4 - Ishbosheth is murdered.

Chapter 5 - David captures Zion (Jerusalem).

Chapter 6 - David tries to move the Ark of God to Jerusalem.

Chapter 7 - David wants to build God a Temple. God promises that David's "son" (Jesus) would build the Temple and reign forever as King.

Chapter 8-10 - Nations round Israel are subdued. David shows kindness to Mephibosheth, the lame son of Jonathan.

Chapter 11 - David's sin in the matter of Uriah.

Chapter 12 - Nathan the prophet show David, by a parable, how great
David's sin was.

Chapter 13-17 - Absalom murders Amnon and then flees the country. Later he returns and proclaims himself King in Jerusalem. David has to flee.

Chapter 18-19 - Civil war. Absalom is killed. David returns to erusalem.

Chapter 20 - Rebellion by Sheba who is later killed.

Chapter 22-23 - David's gratitude to God and faith in His promises.

Chapter 24 - God sends a plague on Israel. Jerusalem is spared. David builds an altar there.


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