2 Thessalonians

The second letter to the "church" (assembly of Christians) at Thessalonica was written by the Apostle Paul, probably within a year of his first letter to them.

This letter corrected the idea that the return of Jesus was going to happen immediately. Some believers had even given up work so that they would be ready for his return.

Jesus would come, but first there would be a "falling away" from the true teachings of Christ and his apostles (2:3). This "falling away" would continue down the ages until Christ comes to end it (v. 8). God said that people would "believe a lie" (2:11). Sadly, this they still do, believing in the immortal soul, a trinitarian Godhead, a supernatural devil, etc..

Believers must be prepared to continue to obey the gospel, otherwise the coming of Christ would be a day of punishment for them - as it will be for all who turn aside from true Christianity (1:5-10).

Believers can expect to suffer, but they must keep the true Faith (beliefs) and Hope (in the coming Kingdom) and show true Love, as followers of Jesus Christ (1:3, 3:5).



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