2 Timothy

Paul wrote this second letter to Timothy in the knowledge that he (Paul) was soon to die. It is the last of his letters to be recorded in the New Testament.

This second letter is one of both encouragement and warning. Paul had "fought a good fight" (4:7) and he urges Timothy to continue the same faith - like his mother and grandmother before him (1:5) - and encourages him to "hold fast to the true gospel message" and to "guard it like a good soldier of Jesus Christ". Paul also warns Timothy to "watch out for those who will turn away from the truth and will follow myths" (4:3-4).

Dangers for the followers of Christ would not be confined to the 1st Century, however. Great perils would come: false teachers arose within the Christian community in those days, but the "last days" before the return of Christ would also be perilous (3:1-7). We need these warnings more than ever today. We, too, need to keep to Scriptural teachings and practices (3:14-17). Those who do can hope to receive the "crown of righteousness" to be given by Jesus when he returns (4:8).


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