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The word 'exodus' means 'a going out' and the first part of the book of Exodus records how God provided 'a way out' of Egypt and slavery for His people, the Israelites.

God chose Moses to be their leader and, after 10 mighty plagues against the Egyptians and their gods, God took them out of Egypt and across the Red Sea into the wilderness on their way to the Promised Land.

The rest of the book of Exodus records the journeying of the Israelites through the wilderness and how God provided for them and protected them throughout the 40 years of their wanderings.

Great events in Exodus:

  • The burning bush - chapter 3
  • The 10 plagues - chapters 7-12
  • The Passover - chapters 12-13
  • Crossing the Red Sea - chapters 13-15
  • Bread from Heaven - chapter 16
  • Water from the Rock - chapter 17
  • Israel at Mount Sinai - chapter 19
  • The giving of the Law (including the 10 commandments) - chapters 20-31
  • Incident of the Golden Calf - chapter 32
  • Making and erecting the Tabernacle - chapters 25-40


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