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The Hebrew word 'genesis' means 'beginning'. In the book of Genesis we read of important beginnings, or 'firsts', in God's plan for the Earth.

"In the beginning God …" (Genesis 1:1)

So God was there first before everything else.

We are told that God created everything.

  • In chapters 1-2 we read of the beginning of life on the Earth and the creation of man.
  • In chapter 3 we are told how sin and death first came into the world and also of the promise of a Saviour.
  • In chapters 6-9 we read of the Flood and of a new beginning for Noah and his family.
  • In chapter 11 we are told of the Tower of Babel and of the origin of different languages and races of people.
  • Chapters 12-32 record the beginnings of the nation of Israel and of God's promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Abraham lived first in Ur of the Chaldees - a city on the river Euphrates to the south of Babylon. God called him to leave Ur and to travel to "a land that I will show thee" - to Canaan. Here God gave him some astounding promises.

God promised Abraham:
1. A 'seed' or descendant (Jesus Christ).
2. A nation (Israel).
3. Everlasting inheritance of the Promised Land.
4. Blessings for all nations.


  • Chapters 37-50 tell the story of Joseph and how the descendants of Jacob (Israel) went into Egypt.


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