The prophet Micah came from south-west Judah and prophesied to the Southern Kingdom. He was alive at the same time as Isaiah, Hosea and Amos, who were also prophets of God.

Micah spoke out against the cruelty of the rulers and priests in both Israel and Judah. He spoke of the fall of Samaria and of the Assyrian invasions. He mentions several villages in his own locality which would also suffer.

Jerusalem, too, was to suffer later and the people would be taken to Babylon. Eventually Zion would be ploughed up and Jerusalem would become a ruined city.

Summary of the prophecy:

Chapters 1-3 ...... Judgements on Samaria, Judah and Jerusalem.

Chapters 4-5 ...... The ultimate restoration of Israel. The birth of the MESSIAH, and the future Kingdom of God to be centred in Jerusalem.

Chapters 6-7 ...... God's desire for justice, kindness and humility, rather than sacrifices. His faithfulness and promises.





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