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The name Obadiah is Hebrew and means 'servant of Yahweh', the God of Israel. The book of Obadiah has only one chapter and is a prophecy about the Jews and Arabs.

The Arabs, who descended from Esau (also called Edom), lived to the south and to the east of the Dead Sea. They were always hostile to Israel just as their ancestor Esau had been to Jacob, the ancestor of Israel.

Verses 1-10 of the book deal with the coming desolation of Edom as a country. The Edomites had stabbed the nation of Israel in the back whenever that land had been invaded. Their pride would be humbled. Their strong city of Petra, constructed in the rocky area of Mount Seir, appeared to be impossible to overthrow - yet it would be destroyed.

Mount Seir, also called Mount Esau, is another name for the country of Edom. Today it is the southern part of the kingdom of Jordan.

Mount Zion is at Jerusalem and was where King David had his capital. It was the centre of God's Kingdom in those days and will be again - when Christ comes again to rule as King.

Israel will once again occupy all that territory described in Obadiah verses 19-20. All nations, including many of the Arab peoples, will benefit when (v.21) "the kingdom is the Lord's".


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