The city of Philippi was a large and prosperous Roman colony whose inhabitants were mainly Roman citizens.

The "church" (or assembly) of Christians at Philippi received this Epistle (letter) from the Apostle Paul while he was in Rome awaiting trial before the Emperor.

Paul had a great love for this church, founded when he went to Philippi on his 2nd missionary journey. They also had a great concern for the Apostle Paul. Three times they sent gifts to him - on the most recent occasion by the hand of Epaphroditus who nearly lost his life trying to reach Rome to see Paul (2:25-27).

The letter is a joyful one, containing encouragement for Christians in the city of Philippi and for the followers of Christ everywhere.

The example of Christ, who humbled himself and became "obedient unto death" (2:8), is set before us. We are to have the "mind of Christ" (2:5), that is, one of obedience to the will of God and of love for our fellows.

A church of such people will indeed be united and happy. They will see the difference between the poverty of human ideas and the riches of God's ways.

Let Christians think on things that are excellent and praiseworthy and so grow like Christ (4:8).



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