Zechariah began to prophesy just two months after Haggai. The Jews, led by Zerubbabel and Joshua the High Priest, had returned to Jerusalem after 70 years captivity in Babylon.

Darius I was ruler of the Persian Empire which now dominated the Middle East. Zechariah received the prophecies from God about the future of Jerusalem and God's people during the 2nd and 4th years of the reign of Darius.

The First Prophecy
Chapters 1-6...God tells His people to listen to the words of His former prophets and to return to Him. Then He will bless them.

The Second Prophecy.
Chapter 1:7 - 6:15...God gives Zechariah a series of 8 visions about the cleansing of Israel and the nations.

The Third Prophecy.
Chapters 7-14 are about the future of Israel and how they (and all nations) will be helped by God when they turn to Him.

The name Zechariah means "Yah (God) is renowned (famous)". God must come first and will come first. He is the 'Lord of hosts (armies)'. This name occurs many times in the book. God's forces will bring about holiness in Jerusalem and in the world eventually (14:9).

The Temple whose foundations had been laid in Zechariah's day pointed to a greater Temple of the future and to a time when the whole earth will be ruled by God's King and Priest - Jesus (see Ch.14).



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