Abram & Lot

Reading: Genesis 13

After travelling all the way from Ur under the direction and guidance of God, Abram arrived in Canaan. When he had left Ur, Abram had not known where he was going or how long it would take him, but he had shown great faith in God and had done as God commanded him.

Things did not always run smoothly for Abram, however. As God had promised, He blessed Abram, making him rich in flocks, herds and servants. Abram's nephew Lot also had cattle and sheep to look after and it was difficult for them to find enough grass and water for all their many animals. Before long the herdsmen that looked after Abram's flocks began to quarrel with the herdsmen that looked after Lot's flocks and there were bitter arguments between them. It seemed that the only way to solve the problem was for Abram and Lot to part company, so Abram suggested to his nephew that they go their separate ways.

Abram told Lot to choose whatever part of the land that he wanted and, once he had chosen his part, Abram would go in the opposite direction so that they would all have plenty of room. Lot looked across to the fertile plains of Jordan, towards the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. It was a green and well-watered valley, full of good pasture. Lot felt unable to resist it. He chose to go there and, leaving Abram, he pitched his tents near the city of Sodom even though the people there were cruel and wicked and did not worship God.

Abram had finally parted from his family - just as God had asked him to do so long ago. It seemed, however, that he had been left with the poorer land but God was with him and, after Lot had parted from him, God spoke to Abram again. He repeated the promise He had given to him before. God told Abram to take a good look at the land all around him - north, south, east and west. This was the land, God said, that would belong to Abram and to his descendants forever and his descendants would be so numerous that they would be like the dust of the earth or the grains of sand on the seashore.

Perhaps for a time, Abram hoped to see the promise fulfilled while he was still alive, but as he grew older God taught him, in other ways, of the resurrection of the dead. When he died, many years later, Abram owned only a small plot of land but he knew and believed that God would keep His promise. One day Abram will inherit the land - when he has been raised from the dead at the return of Jesus.


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