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Luke 1 v 30-33

You probably know the story of the birth of Jesus quite well, so this time we're going to hear the story from a different angle.  These three short stories were written by children.

The Birth of Jesus as told by the Innkeeper

It was time to pay the taxes to the Romans, so many people came to stay at my Inn because it was the only one in Bethlehem.  I remember one day a man called Joseph came to the Inn door, with his wife Mary.  They were wanting to know if there was any room in the Inn.  I said, "Sorry, full".

They were about to go when I said, "Wait.  The stable.  Will that do?".  Mary said "Yes, thank you very much".  So they went to the stable.  I really felt sorry for Mary, because she was sitting on the donkey looking as if she was ill.  Her face was very pale and she was cold.

Hours later, I went to see if it was all right in the stable and to my amazement I saw a baby boy, whose name I heard was Jesus.  About this time some shepherds came to see Jesus.  They told me about an angel coming to tell them about the new-born Saviour.  Well, that day was to me the best day of my life.

The Birth of Jesus as told by the shepherds

"Look, look at the dazzling light!  I can't see!"   Then suddenly a soft voice came from the sky and there stood an angel, gleaming, with a white robe.  The angel spoke:

"Fear not for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy!"  The angel went on to say that in Bethlehem in a manger lay a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes.  Then a host of angels praised God and went away into Heaven.

I said to my friends, "Let us go and see the baby in the manger.  Let us go and praise the Son of God."

When we got to the stable, there lay the baby just as the angel had said.  Mary told us of her journey and how there had been no room in the only Inn.  After praising the baby we went back to the sheep, praising God on high.

The Birth of Jesus as told by one of the wise men

As we were doing our  work we saw a new star appear.  It could only be because the new King of the Jews had been born.  We immediately got our camels ready and our water bags filled.  We also got some food ready.  It was a long journey among all the sand.

When we got to Jerusalem the king was there, but it was King Herod and he seemed angry when we told him the good news.  He wanted to know where the new king was for he wanted to see him.  We followed the star and came to the house where He was.  We gave Him our gifts.  Later, we had a dream to tell us to go back home a different way for King Herod was planning to kill Jesus.

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