Odd One Out 2: Biblical Miscellany

See if you can find the odd one out in the questions below.

Which one was NOT ...

1. A Gospel?

a) Matthew
b) Romans
c) Luke
d) John

2. A tribe of Israel?

a) Levi
b) Simeon
c) Judah
d) Saul

3. A book of the Prophets?

a) Jeremiah
b) David
c) Amos
d) Malachi


4. A king?

a) Samuel
b) Hezekiah
c) Ahab
d) Jehu


5. A letter of Paul?

a) Timothy
b) Corinthians
c) Revelation
d) Galatians


6. A plague of Egypt?

a) Locusts
b) Bees
c) Flies
d) Lice


7. One of the men thrown into the fiery furnace?

a) Shadrach
b) Meshach
c) Daniel
d) Abednego


8. A fisherman?

a) James
b) John
c) Andrew
d) Matthew


9. A tree of the Bible?

a) Beech
b) Cedar
c) Sycamore
d) Oak


10. An item of clothing in the Bible?

a) Apron
b) Jumper
c) Skirt
d) Coat



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