Standard Quiz 1: The First Murder!

This is a quick quiz!  Use the book of Genesis to see if you can guess the correct answers from the questions below.

1. Who was Cain & Abel's mother?

a) Mary
b) Ruth
c) Eve
d) Jezebel


2. One was a shepherd, and one grew crops. Who was the shepherd?

a) Cain
b) Abel


3. God asked for an animal offering from Cain & Abel. What did Cain bring?

a) Deer
b) Fruit & vegetables
c) Lamb
d) Sheep

4. God was cross with Cain for not doing as he had been asked to do. What was Cain's reaction?

a) He killed all Abel's sheep
b) He killed his brother
c) He set fire to his crops
d) He ran away and hid

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