Standard Quiz 2: Genesis

This is a quick quiz!  Use the book of Genesis to see if you can guess the correct answers from the questions below.

1. Who was the first man to live on earth?

a) Cain
b) Abraham
c) Adam
d) John


2. The first man & woman were punished by God because they ate fruit from which tree?

a) Tree of Life
b) Tree of Knowledge


3. How did Abel die?

a) Attacked by a wild animal
b) Killed by his brother
c) A plague
d) Drowned in the Red Sea

4. Who told Noah to build the Ark?

a) The priest
b) God
c) His wife
d) The Scribes & Pharisees


5. Which type of bird brought an olive leaf back to Noah at the end of the Flood?

a) Robin
b) Dove
c) Pigeon
d) Parrot


6. Who was told to pack up his belongings and move to a new country?

a) Adam
b) David
c) Abram
d) Absolom


7. What relation was Lot to Abram?

a) Nephew
b) Son
c) Son-in-Law
d) Grandfather


8. What was the name of Abraham's son?

a) Issachar
b) David
c) Isaac
d) Lazarus


9. Who did Isaac marry?

a) Rachel
b) Rebekah
c) Ruth
d) Rahab


10. Who did Isaac think he was giving the blessing of the birthright to?

b) Rebekah
c) Esau
d) Laban



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