Standard Quiz 3: Noah & the Flood

See if you can guess the correct answers about Noah and the Flood from the quick questions below.

1. We can find the story of Noah's ark in the Book of ...?

a) Noah
b) Revelation
c) Genesis
d) Exodus


2. True or False: God was pleased with His creation in Noah's time?

a) True
b) False


3. How many sons does the Bible tell us that Noah had?

a) Two
b) Three
c) Four
d) Five

4. How old was Noah at the start of the flood?

a) 60 years old
b) 600 years old
c) 666 years old
d) 900 years old


5. Which type of bird brought an olive leaf back to Noah at the end of the Flood?

a) Robin
b) Dove
c) Pigeon
d) Parrot



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