Standard Quiz 4: David & Goliath

See if you can guess the correct answers about David & Goliath from the quick questions below.
Read 1 Samuel 17 in the Bible if you need some help.

1. What was different about Goliath?

a) He had 8 fingers & 8 toes
b) He was a giant
c) He was very small
d) He would be made weak if his hair was cut


2. Which army was Goliath in?

a) Israelite
b) Philistine


3. Who was David visiting at the army camp when he heard Goliath challenging the soldiers?

a) His mother
b) His brothers
c) The King
d) His father

4. What was David's occupation?

a) Soldier
b) Naval officer
c) Shepherd
d) Accountant


5. How many stones did David choose out of the stream?

a) 3
b) 5
c) 7
d) 12


6. How did David kill Goliath?

a) With his sword
b) A bow & arrow
c) A sling & stone
d) Hammer & tent peg


7. What did David do with Goliath's head?

a) Served it on a platter
b) Put it on a stake
c) Sent a piece to each of the 12 tribes
d) Buried it on a hilltop near Jerusalem


8. Who helped David kill Goliath?

a) King Saul
b) Jonathan
c) God
d) John the Baptist



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