Standard Quiz 5: The Fiery Furnace

See if you can guess the correct answers about the fiery furnace story from the quick questions below.
Read Daniel chapter 3 in the Bible if you need some help, or click here to read the story in the Bookshelf section.

1. What was the name of the King of Babyon in Daniel's time?

a) Hezekiah
b) Nebuchadnezzar
c) Jehoshaphat
d) David


2. What did the King make for the people to worship?

a) A bronze serpent
b) A golden image


3. Who was one of Daniel's friends?

a) Peter
b) Shadrach
c) Zebedee
d) Methuselah

4. What nationality were Daniel & his friends?

a) Babylonian
b) Persian
c) Jewish
d) Egyptian


5. How many men were thrown into the fiery furnace?

a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5


6. What did the king see in the fiery furnace with the men he'd thrown in?

a) A lion
b) A dove
c) An angel
d) A soldier


7. Where on the body were the men burned when they came out of the fire?

a) Hair
b) Hands
c) Feet
d) Nowhere


8. What was the name of the god that saved them?

a) Baal
b) Dagon
c) God of Israel
d) Zeus



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