Standard Quiz 8: Nature in the Bible

1. Jesus rode on what when he went into Jerusalem?

a) Camel
b) Donkey
c) Horse
d) Lion

2. Daniel was cast into a den of what?

a) Thieves
b) Wolves
c) Bears
d) Lions

3. Which bird brought an olive leaf back to Noah?

a) Raven
b) Dove
c) Pigeon
d) Eagle


4. God made what, on the third day?

a) Trees
b) Fish
c) Animals
d) Land & Sea


5. Meat was brought to Elijah by what?

a) Owls
b) Geese
c) Ravens
d) Dogs


6. Jacob looked after his uncle's .... what?

a) Cattle
b) Sheep
c) Mules
d) Camels


7. The nation of Israel is likened to what kind of tree?

a) Fir
b) Fruit
c) Fig
d) Olive


8. Whilst a shepherd, David killed a lion and a .........?

a) Wolf
b) Fox
c) Tiger
d) Bear


9. What did the Israelites eat in the desert?

a) Quails
b) Sparrows
c) Finches
d) Chickens


10. Jesus said, 'Consider the ______ of the field'?

a) Roses
b) Lilies
c) Daisies
d) Buttercups


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