Standard Quiz 9: Feast Days & Holidays

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Read the passage below and select the correct words by rolling the mouse over the words in brackets. The correct word will change colour:

The First Passover - Exodus 12

God told Moses, "Each man must get a [calf, lamb, foal] for his family. It must have nothing wrong with it.

When you kill the animal you must put some of its blood on the [windowsills, doorposts, footsteps].

You must [roast, boil, fry] the meat and eat it with [bitter herbs, vegetables, salad].

When you eat it, you must be dressed for a journey with your sandals on and your [bag, food, staff] in your hand.

During the night all the [firstborn, youngest, mothers] in Egypt will be killed. Those in the houses marked with blood will be safe.

You must always remember this day with a feast.

During the feast you must eat bread made without [milk, wheat, yeast]. It is unleavened bread.

And when your children in later generations ask you the meaning of this feast, you will tell them that it is the Lord's Passover because he passed [through, over, round] the houses and spared you, killing only the Egyptians.



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